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Samsung Galaxy S9+ review: the best big-screen smartphone by miles
Posted on Thursday March 08, 2018

Gorgeous screen and excellent camera are highlights of this top-end phone, but battery life could be improved

Having ushered in a new super-slim bezel design at the beginning of 2017 with the S8, has Samsung’s new dual-aperture, dual camera enough to entice people to upgrade?

It’s fair to say the Galaxy S9+ looks practically identical to its predecessor. It’s got the same curved glass design, metal sides and lump-less camera on the back, and while it is 1.4mm shorter, 0.4mm wider and 0.4mm thicker than the S8+, you’ll need a ruler to notice.

Super slow motion on the Samsung Galaxy S9+

Pros: 128GB + microSD card slot, wireless charging, IP68, fantastic screen, excellent camera, iris scanner + face recognition combo, great fingerprint scanner, notification LED, headphone socket

Cons: battery life could be better, very similar to S8+ design, Bixby button can’t be remapped

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My TV's audio isn't great – will a soundbar help?
Posted on Thursday March 08, 2018

Keith’s Toshiba smart TV lacks good sound and he’s bought a soundbase that overdoes the bass. What should he do next?

I have a Toshiba 32L3753DB TV, which is OK, but the sound needs help. I bought an Otone Audio Ltd Soundbase, which does amplify the sound, but it over-emphasises the bass and cannot be adjusted. Is there a soundbar or other addition that will allow me to adjust the bass and treble? Keith

It looks as though bass and treble controls have gone out of fashion. They certainly featured on the now-discontinued Sony CT60 and similar soundbars, using up and down buttons on the remote control.

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Google to provide free UK phone calls through Home smart speaker
Posted on Wednesday March 07, 2018

Tech firm is first to offer calls to UK mobile and landline numbers without charge, as battle for the home intensifies

Google has started offering free voice calls through its Home smart speakers to UK landlines and mobile phones, bringing it in line with US offerings.

Following an update rolling out this week, Google’s Home and Home Mini smart speakers will be able to place calls to ordinary UK numbers over its wifi connection, for hands-free phone calls. It doesn’t need a mobile phone to work, unlike some rival systems.

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How can I use my laptop to create a home office?
Posted on Thursday March 01, 2018

Gareth sometimes works at home with his MacBook Pro and wants to use it with a separate keyboard and screen

I’m a contract project manager. I work at a mix of client sites and at home, where I run a new MacBook Pro and Synology NAS. I would like to set up a small home office. I’ll need basic items like a monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer, but floor space is limited, so any creative desk solutions would also be appreciated. Gareth

I’ve set up home offices in four different houses now, so I’m familiar with the problems. However, I’ve not used any of the desks that are currently available, so my advice will have to be somewhat general. Readers who have bought desks recently may be able to offer more specific recommendations.

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Amazon buys video doorbell firm Ring for over $1bn
Posted on Wednesday February 28, 2018

Smart doorbell maker is retailer’s second largest acquisition as it pushes further into in-home deliveries and internet of things

Amazon has acquired video doorbell and home security camera maker Ring in a deal reportedly worth more than $1bn, as it pushes further into the internet of things and in-home-delivery space.

The deal values Ring, which makes and sells popular video doorbells in the US, UK and Europe, at between $1.2bn (£86.4m) and $1.8bn, according to reports, making it Amazon’s second largest acquisition after the $13.7bn deal last year for Whole Foods Market.

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Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ launched with first dual-aperture camera
Posted on Sunday February 25, 2018

Revamped all-screen design brings new AR emoji, stereo speakers, new 960fps slow-mo and potentially game-changing camera

Samsung has launched its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S9, with a familiar all-screen design but its re-invented camera system could be a game-changer.

Announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday, the new top-end Android device comes in two varieties, following in the footsteps of last year’s popular Galaxy S8 in both look and feel. They have glass front and back, metal frames, curved edges, are water resistant, have wireless charging and a headphone socket.

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Is it worth buying a cordless vacuum cleaner?
Posted on Saturday February 24, 2018

Will pricey brands such as Dyson really pick up the dirt, or should I stick with a conventional one?

Every week a Guardian Money reader submits a question, and it’s up to you to help him or her out – a selection of the best answers will appear in next Saturday’s paper.

This week’s question:

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Ebooks are not 'stupid' – they're a revolution
Posted on Wednesday February 21, 2018

The head of publisher Hachette has claimed ebooks are a failure – but as an author and a reader, they’ve completely changed my life

I was a relatively late convert to the e-reader, getting my Kindle five years ago when it became clear that reading 600-pages of A Suitable Boy while breastfeeding wasn’t going to work. After a frenzied few months of almost exclusive e-reading, I returned largely to the traditional printed book for a number of reasons: screen fatigue, a tendency to scrawl in margins, because I want my kids to see me reading, and because I’m a passionate supporter of bookshops and booksellers. Hachette Livre CEO Arnaud Nourry recently called ebooks “stupid” – but last summer, they changed my life.

Related: 'Ebooks are stupid', says head of one of world's biggest publishers

Ebooks are not an enhancement on printed books? The built-in, one-tap dictionary is a boon for Will Self fans

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The Instant Pot inspires mass devotion. Would I join the cult after using it for a week?
Posted on Wednesday February 21, 2018

This sold-out pressure cooker, which can make four-minute bolognese, is selling for hundreds on eBay and has created an army of ‘potheads’. Using it to feed my family prompted some strong and surprising reactions

The Instant Pot is an electric pressure cooker that inspires devotion. This kitchen device, best known for its speed, but which can also slow-cook, has been described by the US magazine Slate as “an entire economy and a religion”. Its fans call themselves “potheads” and accessorise their pots with stencils, stickers and cafetiere-style covers from Etsy.

Scarcity has fuelled desire in the UK, where the pots have been out of stock for weeks and models are listed on eBay for £750 (the RRP of the cheapest version is £110). In the US, Instant Pot averages 4.5 stars over more than 25,000 Amazon reviews. A post on the UK Facebook group shows the extent of users’ attachment: “Hello everyone. I’m curious to know if anyone else takes their Instant Pot on holiday with them.” (They do. Even camping.)

My boy says the house smells like the delicious food his friend’s mum cooks. He clears his bowl and asks for seconds

Halfway through the week, I begin to flag. I’m tired of the reliance on tins of chopped tomatoes

Related: The latest kitchen gadget inspires dreams, until it gathers dust | Emma Brockes

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Is Spotify getting ready to challenge Apple with its own speaker?
Posted on Tuesday February 20, 2018

Music streaming service is gearing up to make its first physical products as it faces blockade from rivals

Spotify is working on a line of “category defining” hardware products and is ready to start setting up the manufacturing process.

The streaming music company intends to create a hardware category “akin to Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo, and Snap Spectacles”, according to job adverts posted over the past year.

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Samsung Galaxy S9: everything we think we know about the new smartphones
Posted on Monday February 19, 2018

Company’s new flagships expected to continue full-screen, curved glass design of S8, with a dual camera for the S9+

Samsung will launch its new Galaxy S9 and S9+ flagship pair of smartphones, the follow up to the popular Galaxy S8 range, in Barcelona on 25 February. Here is everything we think we know about the new top-spec Android smartphones. Lilac Purple.

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'Don’t tell me to oil my wood': users angry at marks left by Apple HomePod
Posted on Thursday February 15, 2018

White rings formed due to oils and polish in the wood reacting negatively with the silicone foot on the bottom of £319 speaker

Early adopters of Apple’s new £319 HomePod smart speaker have started complaining that the “new sound of home” is leaving white ring marks on wooden surfaces that are difficult to remove.

One user tweeted Apple that the new speaker left “etched circles” on their wooden furniture within 20 minutes of use, while others found the speaker left deeper and more obvious marks in several places and on several different types of wooden surface.

#homepod left rings on my wood furniture in less than 20 minutes of use. Thanks #apple I am glad a paid $400 to make perfect etched circles on my more expensive furniture. Guess I can not move it now to cover up the mark. Evil geniuses you are. #applesupport

also, here’s my subtle HomePod ring. please don’t tell me to oil my wood

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Sonos One review: the best smart speaker for audiophiles
Posted on Thursday February 15, 2018

The company’s first foray into smart tech adds Amazon’s Alexa to a great wireless speaker to create a formidable combo

Having practically invented the multi-room wireless speaker category in 2005, Sonos has lagged behind in the race to become smart. Now the Sonos One is here, packing Alexa in the top and premium audio in the bottom.

The Sonos One is very deliberately designed to look, feel and sound like the company’s successful Play: 1 – a compact wireless speaker launched in 2013 at about £150 that was arguably the best for the money for years. Side-by-side they look identical apart from the top of the speaker, which is flat on the One, perforated by holes for the microphones that enable the voice assistant to hear you.

Pros: great sound, Alexa, can hear you over noise, excellent app, plenty of choice of music service, compact, potential for Google Assistant, can be used to create stereo pair, ethernet, can be wall mounted

Cons: no Bluetooth or analogue audio input, full voice control limited to Amazon Music, Spotify and TuneIn, no option for 360-degree sound

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Apple HomePod review: Siri lets down best sounding smart speaker
Posted on Tuesday February 13, 2018

It’s the wifi speaker to beat in terms of audio but being locked in to Apple services is frustrating and its voice assistant is lacking

After much anticipation, and speculation that Apple has missed the boat and handed victory to Amazon’s champion Echo, the HomePod smart speaker is finally here. But is it actually any good? And why exactly does it cost four times as much as an Echo?

The HomePod is a voice-controlled speaker that listens out for its wake word “Hey, Siri” and then starts streaming what you say to Apple to interpret your commands and play whatever it is you wish. The fabric-covered cylinder stands an iPhone X-and-a-bit tall (172mm) with a diameter of an iPhone X (142mm), weighing 2.5kg (14.4 times the iPhone X).

Pros: brilliant sound, can hear you very well, full production at low volumes, choice of male or female voice

Cons: Siri not up to scratch, no Bluetooth or analogue audio in, no native Spotify or radio, no Android or Windows support

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Amazon Echo Spot review: cute smart speaker with a screen
Posted on Monday February 05, 2018

The firm’s latest Alexa-powered addition to its Echo range adds a clock and touchscreen interface to the mix

Amazon’s new Echo Spot is one of the most novel takes on a smart speaker yet, and while it is certainly more than just a smart clock, that’s what it’s best at – an attractive voice-assisted smart desk or bedside-table accessory.

Pros: attractive, clear screen, Alexa, can hear you well, Bluetooth, video calling, excellent smart home control, lots of clock faces to choose from

Cons: always-listening object in your house, no web video support, expensive compared to Echo

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Can a breath test smoke out stoned drivers?
Posted on Saturday February 03, 2018

As more US states legalise marijuana use, the race is on to find a drug version of the roadside breathalyser

In a sparely furnished, exceptionally clutter-free office in Oakland, California, Mike Lynn is blowing into a black plastic box the size of a rat trap. It is making a loud, steady beep. An electronic blue bar on the side progresses. “It takes a certain amount of breath,” he says after around eight seconds, when the bar has advanced to about a quarter. “I can do it in one breath, some people take two.”

Lynn, whose career has taken him from emergency medicine doctor to venture capitalist, is now the co-founder and CEO of Hound Labs. The startup began in 2014 and has received $14m in funding to date including $8.1m from Benchmark Capital which also provided early stage funding for Uber, Twitter and eBay. Hound Labs aims to do what no one has yet done: produce a pot breathalyser for use at the roadside. While alcohol breathalysers are standard, so far there is no such equivalent for marijuana. And that’s because it is a tough problem: unlike alcohol, breath levels of THC – the psychoactive chemical in cannabis that makes people high – are much lower. Up until now it has taken large, costly instruments to detect. “The analogy is taking 20 Olympic swimming pools and finding one drop of water,” says Lynn. “But that is what we are so excited about – because we figured it out.”

It can be hard to get a conviction… defence attorneys can successfully argue that sobriety testing isn’t objective

Related: Is marijuana a medical miracle? The truth is, we still don't know

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Ring Video Doorbell 2 review: deal with doorsteppers from your sofa
Posted on Thursday February 01, 2018

This smart doorbell connects to your phone – but you might want to disable notifications when at work

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 adds the convenience of a front-door intercom to pretty much any home, and with minimal DIY skills required, meaning it’s never been easier to get rid of doorsteppers.

There have long been wifi-connected doorbells, for those envious of flat-dwelling friends with video intercoms adding that extra barrier between them and the outside world, but most of them require some sort of wiring to install.

Pros: easy to install and set up, solid app, great as basic doorbell, great as a camera from your door, attractive, no wiring required, lots of accessories and options

Cons: battery needs charging once a month, can’t use local storage for video, quite large for some door frames, expensive for a doorbell

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Apple HomePod finally available to buy, three years after the Echo
Posted on Tuesday January 23, 2018

Company’s delayed, £319 smart speaker pitched as music-first wireless speaker that can be voice-controlled via Siri

Apple’s delayed £319 HomePod smart speaker will finally be available to buy on Friday in the UK, US and Australia.

The 17.8cm tall HomePod is pitched as a music-first wireless speaker that can be controlled by voice using Apple’s Siri assistant, which can also set timers, reminders, check the weather and control smart home devices.

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Eve V review: upstart Windows tablet for power users has great potential
Posted on Monday January 22, 2018

This crowdfunded and croudsourced machine could offer something special if its niggles are ironed out

On paper the Eve V reads like it should be the king of Windows tablets – a Surface Pro but with more ports, longer battery life and more features.

What makes the V more surprising is that it actually exists. It is not only a crowdfunded machine but also crowdsourced, meaning that, in Eve Tech’s own words, it was created by “over 1,000 minds working together as one”.

Pros: great screen, good kickstand, fingerprint scanner, microSD card reader, silent, attractive, great keyboard, USB-C, Thunderbolt 3 and USB-A ports

Cons: questions over screen durability, still a work in progress, relatively difficult to actually buy, unknown brand, Y-series Intel processors with weaker graphics

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Echo Spot: 'smart clock' launched as Amazon seeks to lock rivals out of home
Posted on Tuesday January 16, 2018

Firm hopes to extend its market dominance further as Alexa-powered, 2.5in-screened smart speaker comes to UK

Amazon is launching its small clock-like Echo Spot in the UK, as it continues to cement its market dominance.

The Echo Spot is small sphere with a 2.5in circular screen, camera and clock face that’s capable of showing the time as well as other at-a-glance information, similar to the larger Echo Show that launched earlier in the year.

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Microsoft: Windows 10's installation time will be short enough for your lunch break
Posted on Monday March 19, 2018

Microsoft says its next big update to Windows 10 will install in as little as 30 minutes—as opposed to a year ago, when the Creators Update required well over an hour.

While the total installation time hasn’t markedly changed, Microsoft said the upcoming version (code-named Redstone 4 and informally known as the Spring Creators Update) will do more behind the scenes while you’re actively using the PC. That will reduce the overall downtime to roughly a half-hour, as opposed to a time of about 82 minutes for last year’s Creators Update, and 51 minutes for the Fall Creators Update.

Don’t expect the Windows 10 to require exactly 30 minutes to download and install. However, Microsoft is moving two specific tasks behind the scenes—preparing your user content (files and documents) for migration, and creating a temporary directory for the new OS. By assigning both processes low priority, they shouldn’t negatively affect your PC’s performance as you work. 

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Microsoft's DirectX Raytracing paves the way for lifelike gaming, the graphics holy grail
Posted on Monday March 19, 2018

The PC industry is finally making a push toward a “holy grail” rendering technique that makes computer-generated imagery in movies appear so much more lifelike than the graphics in games. At GDC 2018 on Monday, Microsoft introduced a new “DirectX Raytracing” (DXR) feature for Windows 10’s DirectX 12 graphics API.

To coincide with the announcement, Nvidia announced “RTX technology” for enhanced DXR support in upcoming Volta graphics cards, as well as new ray tracing tools for its GameWorks library that can help developers deploy the technology faster. Likewise, AMD said it’s “collaborating with Microsoft to help define, refine and support the future of DirectX 12 and ray tracing.” And top gaming engines like Unity, Unreal, and Frostbite are already planning to integrate DirectX Raytracing.

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How machine learning can make prettier PC games that adapt to your play preferences
Posted on Monday March 19, 2018

Microsoft wants your PC’s hardware to get smart—and your gaming foes to become even more devious. Earlier this month, the company revealed Windows ML, an API that taps into your computer’s CPU and GPU to bolster your software with machine learning capabilities. That wasn’t the end of it though. At GDC 2018 on Monday, Microsoft explained how Windows ML can benefit video games, and introduced new “DirectML” tools that provide GPU hardware acceleration for games that use WinML, built on the same no-hassle-for-gamers principles as the DirectX standard.

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Azio Hue 2 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse review: Quiet and roomy, but a tad too sticky
Posted on Monday March 19, 2018

While it boasts a roomy design, smooth, quiet keystrokes, and a reasonably inexpensive price, the Azio Hue 2 tripped me up with its finicky keys, particularly the all-important space bar. That's a shame, because the Hue 2 comes bundled with a surprisingly well-built mouse, while its blue and pink variants add a splash of colorful style.

Basic features

  • Windows only
  • 2.4GHz RF wireless connectivity
  • 2 AA batteries required for keyboard with a month of battery life, 2 AAA batteries for the mouse with 1.5 months of battery life (according to the manufacturer)


We reviewed the $35 (or as little as $20 on Amazon) "deep black" flavor of the Hue 2, which looks (at first glance, anyway) pretty much like your garden-variety wireless PC keyboard. Considerably more striking are the "bright blue" and "hot pink" colors, which boast white keys and a white accent on the mouse.

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Best smart speakers: Which delivers the best combination of digital assistant and audio performance?
Posted on Monday March 19, 2018

With models based on Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, and others to come, we’ll help you find just the right model for you.

AMD Ryzen CPUs get deeper price cuts ahead of Zen+'s April launch
Posted on Monday March 19, 2018

It’s simultaneously a great and terrible time to go deal hunting for a new processor—especially for Ryzen fans. AMD’s second-generation Ryzen chips are expected to start rolling out in April. To get ready, prices of the current Ryzen and Threadripper chips are starting to drop after previously receiving a permanent price slashing in January.

Here’s a look at some of the best Ryzen prices you can find right now. Few chips are hitting Black Friday prices, but deal hunters should keep an eye on the prices at retailers like Amazon, Microcenter, and Newegg over the next few weeks. 

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Charge your new iPhone X or Galaxy S9 without plugging it in for just $11
Posted on Monday March 19, 2018

If you have a new iPhone X or Galaxy S9 and you're tired of plugging it in every night, you can stop the madness by putting a wireless charger on your nightstand. And Amazon just so happens to have a great deal on one right now.

JETech’s wireless charging pad is available on Amazon for $10.99 while supplies last. That’s just shy of 25 percent off the regular price and a buck off its all-time lowest of $10 according to CamelCamelCamel. Though we haven’t tested this charging pad ourselves, more than 3,000 users give it an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

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Apple’s next big display innovation could be microscopically small
Posted on Monday March 19, 2018

Apple has a "secret" lab in Cupertino that is working on MicroLED displays, Bloomberg reports, which will bring screens that are brighter, thinner, and more power efficient.

Lutron Caséta Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch Starter Kit review: This capable kit includes physical remote controls
Posted on Monday March 19, 2018

The included Wi-Fi bridge can also control Lutron’s Serena motorized window shades.

HTC's next-gen Vive Pro gets a price, and the original Vive gets a $100 price cut
Posted on Monday March 19, 2018

Create Excel reports from multiple spreadsheets with Multi-file Pivot Tables
Posted on Monday March 19, 2018

The Pivot Table is a tool that Excel uses to create custom reports from your spreadsheet databases. Once you select the portion of your spreadsheet that contains the target data, then define it as a Table and name it, it becomes a Pivot Table, which is subject to all of the Pivot Table tools.

With these tools, you can filter, sort, reorganize, calculate, and summarize one database Table or several Tables. You can extract specific information into a separate, custom report that displays only the relevant information required for your current project.

This article on creating Multi-File Pivot Table Reports is part of a series on Relational Pivot Tables:

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Surviving Mars review: Spreading humanity to the stars isn't easy
Posted on Saturday March 17, 2018

Redundancy. After spearheading humanity’s first-ever Martian colony, I’ve realized redundancy is critical. You’re building one pipe between the oxygen pump and the habitation dome? Build two. Your power grid is clustered together? Make two or three groups of solar panels instead, and throw a few wind turbines into the mix for when the sun goes down. One farm? Try four.

When help is 34 million miles (or 55 million kilometers) away, your only hope is that when something goes wrong—and it will go wrong—there’s another option to fall back on. That’s the key to Surviving Mars ($40 on Green Man Gaming).

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All five Myst games are being rereleased for Myst's 25th anniversary
Posted on Saturday March 17, 2018

Hot on the heels of last week’s Firmament announcement, today Cyan teased another project in the works. 2018 is, of course, the 25th anniversary of Myst, and it looks like Cyan’s preparing...something. Hard to say what, exactly, but something.

March 17 update: There’s news, of sorts. According to a new post on, it looks like Cyan’s reacquired the rights (or at least come to some sort of licensing deal) for all of the Myst games—including Myst III: Exile and Myst IV: Revelation, the two that were developed in-house by Ubisoft and thus have been pretty much impossible to obtain (legally) for the last decade or so. From the announcement:

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Microsoft tries forcing Mail users to open links in Edge, and people are freaking out
Posted on Friday March 16, 2018

Right now, the fall 2018 edition of Windows 10 will open links within email via Microsoft Edge—and boy, are some people mad. 

Windows 10 Build 17623, part of the “Skip Ahead” track that will debut in the “Redstone 5” release in the fall, will begin testing a change that will make Edge the default browser for reading email links, Microsoft said Friday. The decision isn’t final, and Microsoft hasn’t even released the current version of “Redstone 4,” informally known as the Spring Creators Update. Heck, since the Skip Ahead track is a closed beta, the vast majority of Windows users won’t even be affected for months.

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This week in games: Shadow of the Tomb Raider confirmed, Witcher 3's Geralt joins Soulcalibur VI
Posted on Friday March 16, 2018

Rumors and leaks, rumors and leaks. Seems like every single 2018 release will be revealed by one or the other. This week it’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider, probably one of the worst-kept secrets, which Square finally confirmed is arriving later this year. Oh, and those rumors about Geralt of Rivia coming to Soulcalibur VI also turned out to be true.

That news, plus a Pillars of Eternity II delay, a no-hit Dark Souls trilogy run, a new game from the Goat Simulator crew, release dates for The Crew 2 and Skyrim VR, and a beautiful EVE Online tribute to Stephen Hawking.

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AMD's Ryzen, Epyc security co-processor and chipset have major flaws, researchers claim
Posted on Friday March 16, 2018

Researchers say they’ve discovered serious potential vulnerabilities within AMD’s Ryzen and Epyc chip architectures. AMD said it’s taking the reports seriously, though it wasn’t provided sufficient time to investigate or confirm them before their disclosure.

CTS-Labs, a security research company which says it specializes in vulnerabilities within ASICs and other chips, has said it’s discovered four potential attacks, code-named Masterkey, Ryzenfall, Fallout, and Chimera. All would require a program running with local access and administrator privileges to exploit them. CTS published a clarification paper on March 16 with more technical details, including a claim that an attacker does not need physical access to the machine and that the vulnerabilities were more relevant to enterprise customers, not PC users.

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Record your travels for cheap with this $30 dash cam
Posted on Friday March 16, 2018

Dash cams may not seem like a necessary car accessory to people outside a few accident-prone countries, but for insurance reasons alone they can be a valuable addition to your safety measures while driving. The problem: Many models can be pricey. Not today’s deal.

If you want to start recording your travels without shelling out $100 or more, Amazon is selling the Fliiners Mini LCD dash cam for $30.59. That’s nearly 40 percent off its usual $48.99 price. While we haven’t reviewed this particular product, its high 4.7 out of 5 star rating indicates that it’s a hit on Amazon. With wide-angle shots, loop recording, and built-in exposure adjustment for night driving, this dash cam has enough features to give you an idea of what a dash cam can record.

To read this article in full, please click here

Smarten up your dumb devices with this $20, two-for-one smart plug deal
Posted on Friday March 16, 2018

Listen up Echo fans! Today’s a good day to smarten up your outlets at a steal of a price. B&H Photo and Video is offering a two-pack of the Keewifi kisslink Wi-Fi smart plug mini for $20. This plug usually sells for $20 each.

Simply insert these plugs into your existing outlet and follow the set-up instructions on your smartphone using Tuya’s Smart apps for Android and iOS. These plugs don’t require a hub, which makes it easy to set them up without added cost. At the moment, however, the Kisslink plug is only compatible with Alexa devices—not Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit.

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Samsung Galaxy S9: The best tips and tricks
Posted on Friday March 16, 2018

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has slick design and the latest hardware, but it’s not just a pretty face. This phone includes ample software features and options—so many, in fact, you might need help wading through it all to find the truly useful stuff. You need not wander the menus alone anymore. Here are the best tips to make your new Galaxy S9 as useful as possible.

[ Looking for a Galaxy S9 or S9+ case? We pick the best here. ]

Home screen landscape

samsung galaxy s9 landscape Ryan Whitwam/IDG

Samsung’s home screen got a big overhaul last year, and this time it’s refining what’s already there. Finally, the stock “Samsung Experience” launcher works in landscape mode, and it’s one of the best implementations of a landscape launcher you’ll find. This feature is disabled by default on most versions of the Galaxy S9, but you can enable it with a quick trip to the launcher settings. Long-press on an empty space and tap the settings button at the bottom. You need to turn off the Portrait mode only toggle to get landscape mode.

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Raspberry Pi projects: Insanely innovative, incredibly cool creations
Posted on Friday March 16, 2018

A heaping helping of Pi
raspberry pi 3

Image by Brad Chacos/IDG

The Raspberry Pi’s very existence can be chalked up to creativity. Ebon Upton and the Raspberry Pi Foundation created the $35 mini-PC to inspire students to learn computer science and to enable tinkerers to dream up wild projects without breaking the bank.

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