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LaxaCat Hairball Petroleum Free Gel (3.5 oz)
LaxaCat Hairball petroleum Free Gel (3.5 oz)

Feeonomics FTP
Description : .LaxaCat Hairball petroleum Free Gel is a gel to help facilitate the passage of hairballs which can help the temporary gastric distress caused by them. Hairball Gel PF is petrolatum free and contains natural ingredients to lubricate hairballs that your cat has trouble digesting. Beeswax and soybean oil help emulsify and soften the hairballs, as well as support a healthy digestive tract to process them. Chamomile is included because it is a natural digestive aid that may help with any occasional gastric distress. LaxaCat Gel PF has fiber, so it can be used to help facilitate regular bowel movements as well. With Vitamin E to support a healthy coat, LaxaCat helps maintain normal shedding to reduce the amount of hair ingested during regular grooming by your cat. A healthy coat loses less hair and offers less opportunity for your cat to have that hair in its digestive system. Cats easily consume this vanilla flavored gel that provides ingredients to support normal healthy digestion of and reduction of hairballs. For Use In: Cats.
**** PRICE: 6
Manufacturer : Pet Health Supplies
SKU: 814087006585
UPC: 6585
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