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Tech News

Libra: Facebook launches cryptocurrency in bid to shake up global finance
Posted on Tuesday June 18, 2019

Digital currency will let billions of users make transactions but is raising privacy concerns

Facebook’s Libra launch will extend its global domination
All you need to know about Facebook’s new cryptocurrency

Facebook has announced a digital currency called Libra that will allow its billions of users to make financial transactions across the globe, in a move that could potentially shake up the world’s banking system.

Libra is being touted as a means to connect people who do not have access to traditional banking platforms. With close to 2.4 billion people using Facebook each month, Libra could be a financial game changer, but will face close scrutiny as Facebook continues to reel from a series of privacy scandals.

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Gotta catch 'em all … in your sleep: Chips with Everything podcast
Posted on Monday June 17, 2019

The Pokémon Company has announced the 2020 launch of Pokémon Sleep, a mobile game that will reward users based on how well they slumber. Jordan Erica Webber looks at why sleep experts are worried about the idea. She is joined by Dale Berning Sawa and Laura Dale

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'Bulk hacking' by UK spy agencies is illegal, high court told
Posted on Monday June 17, 2019

Rights group argues powers of MI5 and GCHQ to obtain and store data breach human rights

“Bulk hacking” powers exploited by the intelligence services to access electronic devices represent an illegal intrusion into the private lives of millions of people, the high court has been told.

In its latest challenge to the 2016 Investigatory Powers Act (IPA), the civil rights organisation Liberty has argued that government surveillance practices breach human rights law.

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The best gadgets under £30
Posted on Sunday June 16, 2019

Whether you’re making a call or a smoothie, our pick of gizmos at giveaway prices shows hi-tech needn’t mean high price

Gilobaby smart robot, £24
Feeling anxious about robots taking over the world? For 24 quid, allay your anxieties by barking simple commands at this gaudy plastic bot and experiencing triumph as it bends to your every command, from: “Go back” to: “Can you dance?”

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Trans children's charity apologises after parents' emails published online
Posted on Sunday June 16, 2019

Data breach included names, addresses and phone numbers of parents who asked for advice

A charity that supports transgender children has apologised and referred itself to the information commissioner’s office following a data breach that led to the publication of parents’ personal emails online.

Mermaids, a UK charity providing support and advice to transgender or non-gender-conforming children, said it immediately took action after being made aware of the data breach on Friday afternoon.

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Crypto is coming: get ready to spend Facebook’s money
Posted on Sunday June 16, 2019

The social network is likely to release details of its cryptocurrency this week: and it won’t be much like Bitcoin

First it had your friends, then it had your pictures, then it had your diary. Now, in the latest effort to entwine its systems still further into the everyday lives of its users, Facebook wants to get into your wallet.

On Tuesday, the social media behemoth is expected to reveal its own cryptocurrency, which has variously been called Libra and GlobalCoin. However, unlike other cryptocurrencies, the new creation will not have been founded in the spirit of libertarianism, outside the backing of established, conventional authorities. Instead, it appears to have the endorsement of more than 12 corporations, from Uber to PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.

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'Being mean is lucrative': queer users condemn YouTube over homophobic content
Posted on Saturday June 08, 2019

Site’s waffling over harassment during Pride month was ‘not surprising’, YouTuber says

YouTube’s haphazard response to an anti-gay harassment controversy this week underscores the company’s continuing failure to protect creators from hate speech, queer users say.

The platform’s initial refusal to discipline Steven Crowder for years of sustained anti-gay and racist harassment of Carlos Maza, a video journalist for the US news site Vox, drew widespread criticism.

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Cybersecurity and makeup tutorials: Chips with Everything podcast
Posted on Monday June 10, 2019

Jordan Erica Webber chats to Addie Wagenknecht, who is using the YouTube algorithm to her advantage by teaching cybersecurity tips while reviewing beauty products

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Ford GT Le Mans preview: ‘The hype is matched by the roar of the engine’ | Martin Love
Posted on Sunday June 09, 2019

As the 87th edition of Le Mans prepares to get under way next weekend, all eyes will be on the last of the factory Ford GTs

Ford GT
Engine 3.5-litre V6
Top speed 216mph
Consumption 17mpg (if you’re lucky)

Next weekend marks the 87th running of the world’s most famous 24-hour endurance race. Le Mans is a test of stamina for both the drivers and the cars, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of fans who flock to the French circuit for a long week (the track is actually open for testing from Wednesday) of drinking, camping, partying, live music and thrilling motor sport as cars touch speeds of over 200mph. Each year, the level of hype is matched only by the mighty roar of the highly tuned engines. At 2pm on Saturday, 60 teams will finally line up on the start grid. Will Toyota produce back-to-back wins? Will Porsche add to its record 17 overall victories? All eyes will also be on Ford and its fleet of GTs. The race is Ford’s last effort participating as a factory team and it plans on going out in style with a series of special ‘Celebration Liveries’ for its racing cars. Each of the four factory Fords will have a paint job inspired by the success of the manufacturer at Le Mans, both recently and in the 1960s. Perhaps the brand’s greatest win was in 1966, so particular focus will be on the #66 Ford GT raced by Stefan Mücke, Olivier Pla and Billy Johnson as it will sport the same colour scheme as the GT40 of Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon that won in 1966.

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How can I make Windows 10 look more like Windows 7?
Posted on Thursday June 06, 2019

Elizabeth’s new laptop has Windows 10 but she prefers Windows 7. What are her options?

I now have a Lenovo laptop which has Windows 10 installed, but to be honest with you, I preferred Windows 7, which was on my last two computers. What would you suggest? Elizabeth

As most Windows 7 users know – and if they don’t yet, Microsoft will nag them about it soon – Windows 7’s support stops in January 2020. After that, there will be no more security updates, except for companies that pay an annual fee that doubles every year. This is a powerful incentive to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

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Best true wireless earbuds 2019: AirPods, Samsung, Jabra and Anker compared and ranked
Posted on Monday June 17, 2019

Our updated list of great bluetooth truly wireless earbuds – at the best prices right now

It wasn’t long ago that true wireless earbuds, those that don’t need any wires even between the earphones, weren’t very good. Solid connectivity was a challenge, dropouts were infuriatingly common and battery life was woeful.

But they all offered that taste of freedom from wires that is like a ratchet – once you’ve experienced tangle-free listening, you’ll never go back.

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Samsung Galaxy S10e review: the cheaper one
Posted on Tuesday June 18, 2019

Smallest, cheapest Samsung flagship has most of what makes the S10 line good, but with a flat screen and one camera fewer

The Galaxy S10e is Samsung’s attempt to offer a flagship smartphone experience in a smaller body and at a lower cost, which mostly works.

The formula is simple: take the same processor, reduce the memory a little and squeeze it into a smaller, less complicated body.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 review: the sweet spot
Posted on Thursday June 06, 2019

Top-end smartphone balances a big screen with smaller body, good performance and triple camera

The Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s middle-of-the-road top-end phone, featuring a large screen in a pretty compact body for those who don’t like the current breed of massive flagship superphones.

The regular, non-plus versions of Samsung’s Galaxy S line have always been the sweet spot between size, price and performance. They offer big, beautiful screens in bodies that are practically tiny by today’s giant-phone standards.

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Samsung Galaxy S10+ review: a simply stunning screen
Posted on Monday March 11, 2019

A fantastic display bolted to great cameras, a strong battery, an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and even a headphone socket

The Galaxy S10+ may be Samsung’s most important phone in years, but at £899 does the huge screen, triple camera and fancy ultrasonic fingerprint scanner make for a worthy upgrade?

One thing is obvious: the Galaxy S10+ is not the future of smartphones. That would be the Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, devices with folding screens that cost £2,000-plus. Instead the the Galaxy S10+ is one of the finest examples of today’s smartphones. Iterative but excellent. And you won’t need a mortgage to buy it.

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OnePlus 7 Pro review: an absolute beast in every way
Posted on Friday May 31, 2019

Fantastic screen, the fastest performance, a good camera and brilliant software in a massive phone that still undercuts the competition

The OnePlus 7 Pro is the firm’s largest, most expensive and most premium phone yet. While not that cheap, it still undercuts the competition by some margin, while offering sheer speed and a stunning notchless display that even its most expensive rivals can’t touch.

Starting at £649, the OnePlus 7 Pro is £150 more expensive than last year’s 6T or its 2019 refresh the 7 (non-Pro). It’s also significantly bigger.

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Buying cables? Going for gold could mean a rip-off
Posted on Saturday June 08, 2019

From mobile phone chargers to HDMI for TVs, here’s how to save on leads for your gadgets

Cables are a necessary evil in our modern world. Whether it’s the power cord for your phone, the cables jammed in the back of your TV or the wires connecting you to the internet, they’re everywhere.

And when you need a new one the options are almost limitless, with some costing as much as hundreds of pounds. But do you need to spend all that for a cable? Absolutely not. So here’s a quick guide to cables to help you avoid the overpriced.

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Five of the best noise-cancelling headphones
Posted on Saturday March 16, 2019

Blocking out annoying sounds on flights or the commute with these options priced from £80

Daily life is stressful enough without being subjected to the noise of others. Thankfully noise cancelling headphones can help by actively blocking oppressive distractions, whether it’s for flights, the commute, or just in the office, with effective options costing from £80.

Here’s a quick guide to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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Smart speakers: five ways to get one on the cheap
Posted on Saturday April 13, 2019

Want to dip your toe in the voice-controlled world of Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant? Here are best, cheapest ways to start

Sales of smart speakers are soaring despite some people’s concerns over privacy, with Amazon’s Alexa leading the charge into homes in various Echo devices and Google’s Home and Assistant snapping at its heels.

They come in various shapes, sizes and prices, but if you just want to dip your toe into the burgeoning voice-powered world, what’s the cheapest way to get Alexa or Google Assistant into your home?

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Amazon Echo Show (2nd gen) review: Alexa's bigger, brighter smart display
Posted on Tuesday January 15, 2019

The latest smart speaker with screen looks better, sounds great and has built-in smart hub

The new second generation Echo Show is bigger with a better display, but is size enough to keep Amazon ahead of stiff competition from Google?

Since the original Echo Show launched last year the software has been refined, but the experience is broadly the same. The Show is a voice-first Alexa speaker, with touch interactivity as an additional input rather than the core experience. If you never wanted to touch the screen beyond the initial set-up ,you wouldn’t have to.

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Seven ways to make Windows 10 work better
Posted on Thursday June 13, 2019

FlintyMcQwerty asked for tips to fix or avoid problems with the operating system

Please share all your favourite tips, tricks and techniques for harnessing the power, panache and pulchritude of Windows 10. (Apologies, Jack, for my ineluctable tendency to alliterate.) FlintyMcQwerty

Last week’s answer provoked a lot of discussion about Windows 10. I can’t do anything about the more hysterical complaints but many issues can be resolved by spending a few minutes in the settings app. I’m therefore accepting FlintyMcQwerty’s invitation to explain a few of them.

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Girl, 12, flooded with beauty ads on Instagram
Posted on Tuesday June 18, 2019

The ads were displayed to the young user despite Instagram's policies saying some should not be shown to her.

US and Russia clash over power grid 'hack attacks'
Posted on Tuesday June 18, 2019

Russia has countered attempts to hack into its infrastructure, says Kremlin spokesman.

Samsung TVs should be regularly virus-checked, the company says
Posted on Monday June 17, 2019

The technology company tweeted its QLED-branded sets should be scanned once every few weeks.

Boris Johnson's full fibre plan needs more detail says industry
Posted on Monday June 17, 2019

Broadband providers say it will take more than money to achieve a "full fibre for all" by 2025 pledge.

Instagram to make hacked account recovery easier
Posted on Monday June 17, 2019

The photo platform is testing a new way to get back into hacked accounts.

Hacker conference speaker axed over abortion views
Posted on Monday June 17, 2019

Protests and a threatened boycott lead the Black Hat hacker conference to axe its keynote speaker.

Huawei smartphone sales hit amid US curbs
Posted on Monday June 17, 2019

The founder of the Chinese telecoms giant says overseas sales of its mobile phones have sunk 40%.

Porn trolling lawyer jailed for 14 years
Posted on Monday June 17, 2019

A US lawyer who tricked people into paying for films he helped pirate gets a 14-year jail sentence.

Data surveillance powers unlawfully wide, court told
Posted on Monday June 17, 2019

Security services are invading people's privacy by "Hoovering up" communication data, a court hears.

Romance fraud: Woman sent conman £40k despite suspicions
Posted on Sunday June 16, 2019

She warned her mother against the online scam - and then fell for it herself, ending up in debt.


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