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Technology News

Spray-on antennas could unlock potential of smart, connected technology
Posted on Friday September 21, 2018

Engineering researchers report a method for spraying invisibly thin antennas, made from a type of two-dimensional, metallic material called MXene, that perform as well as those being used in mobile devices, wireless routers and portable transducers.

Emissions from most diesel cars in Europe greatly exceed laboratory testing levels
Posted on Friday September 21, 2018

A new study reports that Volkswagen is not the only auto manufacturer to make diesel cars that produce vastly more emissions on the road than in laboratory tests. The study finds that in Europe, 10 major auto manufacturers produced diesel cars, sold between 2000 and 2015, that generate up to 16 times more emissions on the road than in regulatory tests.

Neutrons produce first direct 3-D maps of water during cell membrane fusion
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

New 3-D maps of water distribution during cellular membrane fusion are accelerating scientific understanding of cell development, which could lead to new treatments for diseases associated with cell fusion.

To improve auto coatings, new tests do more than scratch the surface
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

Data from new suite of tests could eventually help your vehicle's exterior better defend itself against dings, dents, scratches and things that go bump on the highway.

Synthetic organelle shows how tiny puddle-organs in our cells work
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

Imagine your liver being just a big puddle. Some organelles in your cells are exactly that including prominent ones like the nucleolus. Now a synthetic organelle engineered in a lab shows how such puddle organs can carry out complex life-sustaining reaction chains.

TINY cancer detection device proves effective in Uganda testing
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

About half the size of a lunch box, the Tiny Isothermal Nucleic acid quantification sYstem (or TINY) has shown promise as a point-of-care detector of Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV) in resource-limited settings such as sub-Saharan Africa.

Smart pills dumb down medical care, experts warn
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

Enthusiasm for an emerging digital health tool, the smart pill, is on the rise but researchers caution health care providers and policymakers to slow down when it comes to allowing this technology in patient care settings.

Plug-and-play technology automates chemical synthesis
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

Researchers have developed an automated chemical synthesis machine that can take over many tedious aspects of chemical experimentation, freeing chemists to spend time on the more analytical and creative aspects of their work.

Major breakthrough in controlling the 3D structure of molecules
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

Scientists have made a major breakthrough in chemical synthesis that now makes it possible to quickly and reliably modify the 3D structure of molecules used in drug discovery. The new method allows scientists to employ cross-coupling reactions to generate new compounds while controlling their 3D architecture.

Astrophysicists measure precise rotation pattern of sun-like stars for the first time
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

Scientists have measured the differential rotation on Sun-like stars for the first time, and their findings challenge current science on how stars rotate.

Reducing false positives in credit card fraud detection
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

Consumers' credit cards are declined surprisingly often in legitimate transactions. One cause is that fraud-detecting technologies used by a consumer's bank have incorrectly flagged the sale as suspicious. Now researchers have employed a new machine-learning technique to drastically reduce these false positives, saving banks money and easing customer frustration.

Matter falling into a black hole at 30 percent of the speed of light
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

Astronomers report the first detection of matter falling into a black hole at 30% of the speed of light, located in the center of the billion-light year distant galaxy PG211+143. The team used data from the European Space Agency's X-ray observatory XMM-Newton to observe the black hole.

Nerve cells in the human brain can 'count'
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

How do we know if we're looking at three apples or four? Researchers were able to demonstrate that some brain cells fire mainly for quantities of three, others for quantities of four and others for other quantities. A similar effect can be observed for digits: In humans, the neurons activated in response to a '2' are for instance not the same as the neurons activated for a '5'.

Researchers patent technology for smart seat cushion, adaptable prosthetics
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

Researchers have patented a smart seat cushion that uses changes in air pressure to redistribute body weight and help prevent the painful ulcers caused by sitting for long periods of time in a wheelchair. The same technology can be used to create prosthetic liners that adapt their shape to accommodate changes in body volume.

Mathematics meets biology to uncover unexpected biorhythms
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

A novel mathematical approach has uncovered that some animal cells have robust 12-hour cycles of genetic activity, in addition to circadian or 24-hour cycles.

Widely used nonprofit efficiency tool doesn't work
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

A recent study finds that the tool most often used to assess the efficiency of nonprofit organizations isn't just inaccurate -- it is negatively correlated with efficiency.

Simulations of every woman's breast tissue address delay on enhanced MRI cancer detection
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

Researchers have simulated how over 20 different breast tissue ratios respond to heat given off by MRIs at higher field strengths than available in hospitals today.

Glacial engineering could limit sea-level rise, if we get our emissions under control
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

Targeted engineering projects to hold off glacier melting could slow down ice-sheet collapse and limit sea-level rise, according to a new study. While an intervention similar in size to existing large civil engineering projects could only have a 30 percent chance of success, a larger project would have better odds of holding off ice-sheet collapse. But the researchers caution that reducing emissions still remains key to stopping climate change and its dramatic effects.

Simpler and safer method for handling a useful but foul-smelling gas in chemical synthesis
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

Researchers have developed both an ingenious, as well as a safe procedure for using the 'rotten egg' smelling and flammable gas, methanethiol, in certain chemical reactions.

Hidden costs of cobalt mining in DR Congo
Posted on Thursday September 20, 2018

Cobalt mining comes at a great cost to public health in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. New research reveals that children are particularly vulnerable: their urine and blood samples contain high concentrations of cobalt and other metals.



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