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Technology News

'Robotic Skins' turn everyday objects into robots
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 2018

When you think of robotics, you likely think of something rigid, heavy, and built for a specific purpose. New 'Robotic Skins' technology flips that notion on its head, allowing users to animate the inanimate and turn everyday objects into robots.

Quantum anomaly: Breaking a classical symmetry with ultracold atoms
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 2018

A new study of ultracold atomic gases finds a quantum anomaly: strongly interacting particles breaking classical symmetry in a 2-D Fermi gas.

Lighting it up: A new non-toxic, cheap, and stable blue photoluminescent material
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 2018

Scientists have designed a novel photoluminescent material that is cheap to fabricate, does not use toxic starting materials, and is very stable, enhancing our understanding of the quantic nature of photoluminescence.

How long does a quantum jump take?
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 2018

Quantum jumps are usually regarded to be instantaneous. However, new measurement methods are so precise that it has now become possible to observe such a process and to measure its duration precisely -- for example the famous 'photoelectric effect', first described by Albert Einstein.

Gaia hints at our Galaxy’s turbulent life
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 2018

Our Milky Way galaxy is still enduring the effects of a near collision that set millions of stars moving like ripples on a pond, the Gaia star mapping mission has shown.

New nanoparticle superstructures made from pyramid-shaped building blocks
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 2018

In research that may help bridge the divide between the nano and the macro, chemists have used pyramid-shaped nanoparticles to create what might be the most complex macroscale superstructure ever assembled.

Diverse forests are stronger against drought
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 2018

Researchers report that forests with trees that employ a high diversity of traits related to water use suffer less of an impact from drought. The results, which expand on previous work that looked at individual tree species' resilience based on hydraulic traits, lead to new research directions on forest resilience and inform forest managers working to rebuild forests after logging or wildfire.

Origami inspires highly efficient solar steam generator
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 2018

Water covers most of the globe, yet many regions still suffer from a lack of clean drinking water. If scientists could efficiently and sustainably turn seawater into clean water, a looming global water crisis might be averted. Now, inspired by origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, researchers have devised a solar steam generator that approaches 100 percent efficiency for the production of clean water.

Multi-directional activity control of cellular processes as a new tool
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 2018

The spatial and temporal dynamics of proteins or organelles plays a crucial role in controlling various cellular processes and in development of diseases. Yet, acute control of activity at distinct locations within a cell cannot be achieved. Scientists now present a new chemo-optogenetic method that enables tunable, reversible, and rapid control of activity at multiple subcellular compartments within a living cell.

Light provides spin
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 2018

Physicists have proven that incoming light causes the electrons in warm perovskites to rotate thus influencing the direction of the flow of electrical current. They have thus found the key to an important characteristic of these crystals, which could play an important role in the development of new solar cells.

Looking back in time to watch for a different kind of black hole
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 2018

A simulation has suggested what astronomers should look for if they search the skies for a direct collapse black hole in its early stages.

New micro-platform reveals cancer cells' natural behavior
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 2018

A new cell culture platform allows researchers to observe never-before-seen behaviors of live cancer cells under the microscope, leading to explanations of long-known cancer characteristics.

College students have unequal access to reliable technology, study finds
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 2018

Smartphones and laptops seem ubiquitous at US universities, but there is still a 'digital divide,' with some students less likely than others to have consistent access to reliable technology, according to a new study.

Two quantum dots are better than one: Using one dot to sense changes in another
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 2018

Researchers developed the first device that can detect single-electron events in a self-assembled quantum dot in real time. The device detects the single-electron tunneling events of one quantum dot as changes in the current produced by a second quantum dot in close proximity. This device allows single-electron events in quantum dots to be investigated, which is beneficial for the development of photonic devices and quantum computing.

Wave-particle interactions allow collision-free energy transfer in space plasma
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 2018

A team finds evidence of collisionless energy transfer occurring in the plasma of Earth's magnetosphere.

Nucleation a boon to sustainable nanomanufacturing
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 2018

Scientists have measured the activation energy and kinetic factors of calcium carbonate's nucleation.

Creating 3D printed 'motion sculptures' from 2D videos
Posted on Wednesday September 19, 2018

The new system uses an algorithm that can take D videos and turn them into 3D printed 'motion sculptures' that show how a human body moves through space. In addition to being an intriguing aesthetic visualization of shape and time, the team envisions that their 'MoSculp' system could enable a much more detailed study of motion for professional athletes, dancers, or anyone who wants to improve their physical skills.

First particle tracks seen in prototype for international neutrino experiment
Posted on Tuesday September 18, 2018

The largest liquid-argon neutrino detector in the world has just recorded its first particle tracks, signaling the start of a new chapter in the story of the international Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE).

AI improves doctors' ability to correctly interpret tests and diagnose lung disease
Posted on Tuesday September 18, 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be an invaluable aid to help lung doctors interpret respiratory symptoms accurately and make a correct diagnosis, according to new research.

How slick water and black shale in fracking combine to produce radioactive waste
Posted on Tuesday September 18, 2018

Study explains how radioactive radium transfers to wastewater in the widely-used method to extract oil and gas.



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