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Mon, 20 Nov 2023 06:20:38 GMT

Australia releases new online safety standards to tackle terror and child sexual abuse content
Posted on Monday November 20, 2023

The e-safety regulator says standards will not compromise end-to-end encryption in move that could prevent fight with Apple over iMessage

Australia’s online safety regulator appears to be heading off a potential battle with Apple over its encrypted messaging app iMessage, with the release of new standards that the regulator says will tackle terrorist content and child abuse material but won’t compromise end-to-end encryption.

In June, the eSafety commissioner, Julie Inman Grant, rejected two industry-designed regulatory codes because they didn’t require cloud storage services, email or encrypted messaging services to detect child abuse material. Instead, the regulator began working on mandatory standards, which were released in draft form on Monday.

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Sat, 18 Nov 2023 01:47:52 GMT

Apple, Disney and IBM to pause ads on X after antisemitic Elon Musk tweet
Posted on Friday November 17, 2023

Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of X, attempted to do damage control as Paramount and Warner Bros among others also pulled ads

Apple will pause all its advertising on X, formerly Twitter, two days after its owner, Elon Musk, tweeted his enthusiastic agreement with an antisemitic post.

A cascade of other major technology and media companies, from IBM to Disney, made similar announcements on Friday.

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Thu, 16 Nov 2023 23:45:32 GMT

Apple agrees to improve texting between iPhones and Androids
Posted on Thursday November 16, 2023

After years of reluctance, company announces iPhones will support RCS messaging standard

Apple plans to adopt a messaging standard that will allow for a smoother texting experience between iPhones and Android devices, long a point of contention with rival Google.

For years, Apple has refused to make its products play nice with devices not designed under its roof, a dynamic exemplified in the green background that is the hallmark of iPhone-to-Android chats.

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Wed, 15 Nov 2023 17:55:38 GMT

Apple under fire over cancellation of Jon Stewart show amid China concerns
Posted on Wednesday November 15, 2023

US lawmakers write to Apple CEO Tim Cook over worries that ‘coercive tactics of a foreign power’ led to political TV show’s end

US lawmakers asked Apple Inc to explain the abrupt end of the political comedian Jon Stewart’s television show on its streaming service, according to a letter made public on Wednesday, citing concerns that content related to China was behind the cancellation.

The New York Times reported last month that Stewart’s show on Apple’s streaming service was ending, the result of creative differences. The newspaper said Stewart told members of his staff that potential show topics related to China and artificial intelligence were causing concern to Apple executives.

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Thu, 09 Nov 2023 22:00:41 GMT

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak hospitalized for stroke in Mexico City
Posted on Thursday November 09, 2023

The 73-year-old had been slated to speak at a business conference when he suffered a ‘minor but real stroke’

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was hospitalized for a “minor but real stroke” on Thursday in Mexico City while he was in the city to speak at a business conference. After a brief stay in the hospital, he said he was “flying home,” according to ABC News.

Wozniak, 73, told ABC he was at his computer in the morning when he felt vertigo and dizziness. He had been scheduled to speak at the World Business Forum in Mexico City, a two-day gathering billed as the world’s most important management event. Other advertised speakers were Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, and Muhammad Yunus, a pioneer in microfinance who was awarded the Nobel peace prize.

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Thu, 09 Nov 2023 13:59:39 GMT

Apple suffers setback in fight against EU order to pay £11bn tax bill in Ireland
Posted on Thursday November 09, 2023

Top adviser to European court of justice says ruling three years ago in tech giant’s favour should be set aside

Apple has suffered a setback in its battle against an order to pay an alleged €13bn (£11.3bn) tax bill in Ireland, after one of the top advisers to the European court of justice (ECJ) said a ruling in the tech company’s favour should be set side.

It is the latest twist in a near 10-year saga over allegations that Apple received favourable tax status in Ireland which resulted in a €13bn benefit, in which the tech company sided with the Irish government in battling an order to pay up issued by Europe’s competition watchdog.

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Thu, 09 Nov 2023 07:00:05 GMT

Apple iPhone 15 review: a few more pro features each year
Posted on Thursday November 09, 2023

USB-C, a faster chip, improved 48MP camera and dynamic island reach Apple’s regular smartphone line

The iPhone 15 continues Apple’s slow trickling down of features previously reserved for its top Pro-line phones to other models. But even with the new dynamic island, improved camera, a faster chip and USB-C, the standard iPhone can’t escape seeming just a little bit boring.

The regular iPhone for 2023 gets a £50 price cut in the UK costing £799 (€949/$799/A$1,499), although other regions aren’t so lucky. That makes it about £200 cheaper than the similarly sized iPhone 15 Pro, with a plus-sized version also available for about £100 more.

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Sun, 05 Nov 2023 10:00:05 GMT

Will the planet outlive my dying laptop? | Stewart Lee
Posted on Sunday November 05, 2023

I may be in denial about my computer being on the blink, but after another hot and muggy Halloween, one thing is frighteningly clear

I fear the Apple Store. It’s a disorienting cross between a Los Angeles hotel lobby, the place where everyone over 30 gets killed in Logan’s Run and the headquarters of Hydra ™ ®. The protocols for attracting a staff member seem inexplicably opaque, like the rules for bidding in an auction, or initiating a new friendship. They induce mild panic attacks and my heart flutters as groomed twentysomethings, who could be customers or staff, waft by me, geishas for Steve Jobs’s ghost. Why aren’t there any queues? Can I just sit in here quietly and eat the things from my bag? Is there a duty free section?

In the Apple Store, I never know if a commercial transaction is taking place, or if I am just involved in a continuing discussion about my “needs”, a situation I admittedly find replicated in my dealings with my therapist and people generally. And there is now a raised area at the rear of the Regent Street branch in London that suggests a ziggurat. Here, ancient Aztecs tore out people’s hearts to appease Quetzalcoatl, a sacrifice still less demanding than the financial one required buy a new Apple laptop. When I mentioned, to the charming young man attending me, that the shop design made me think of the death rituals of the winged serpent worshippers, he just smiled, as if I were complimenting Apple’s bold aesthetics. But I will have to go to the Apple Store again. Soon.

Basic Lee tour dates are here; a six-week London run begins 9 December at Leicester Square theatre

Do you have an opinion on the issues raised in this article? If you would like to submit a letter of up to 250 words to be considered for publication, email it to us at observer.letters@observer.co.uk

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Thu, 02 Nov 2023 21:45:05 GMT

Apple’s overall earnings slump despite record iPhone and services revenue
Posted on Thursday November 02, 2023

Company posts its fourth consecutive quarter of revenue loss but has shares up about 32.5% so far this year

Apple posted its fourth consecutive revenue loss for the quarter ending in September, with $89.5bn in revenue – a 1% decrease from the previous quarter. The decline was not unexpected, though the total quarterly revenue beat Wall Street predictions of $89.28bn. Apple did enjoy $43.81bn in iPhone revenue and $22.3bn in services revenue for the quarter ending in September – quarterly revenue records, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Despite the expected drop in sales, Apple’s stock rose more than 2% ahead of the scheduled earnings call and shares have been up about 32.5% so far this year. The earnings report comes as the company is in the middle of what is typically the busiest quarter, with the holiday season coming up. Investors will likely be looking for details on how the current quarter is faring and the status of demand for the iPhone 15 – released just days before the end of the quarter. Revenue from Macs fell 34% year-over-year to $7.6bn, and iPad revenue fell 10%.

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Mon, 30 Oct 2023 07:00:08 GMT

How to find the best refurbished phone
Posted on Monday October 30, 2023

The lowdown on where and what to buy and avoiding the pitfalls while trying to save money

If you need a new smartphone but want to save money and be more sustainable, buying a refurbished one is the answer.

As with brand-new phones, there are many places to buy them from, but there are also various types of refurbished handsets, and a few potential pitfalls to avoid. Here’s what you need to know.

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Sat, 28 Oct 2023 12:00:14 GMT

‘It’s just a matter of time’: why AI could help Europe create its own Apple or Google
Posted on Saturday October 28, 2023

Silicon Valley overshadows its transatlantic rivals. But as artificial intelligence grows – and with a global summit on it this week – some think it could offer a Euro startup the chance to become a new Google

Arthur Mensch is one of a new generation of entrepreneurs hoping to solve a longstanding problem with the European economy: its failure to produce a Silicon Valley-style tech behemoth.

The 31-year-old Frenchman is chief executive of Mistral, a startup that achieved a €240m (£206m) valuation in its first round of financing – four weeks after it was founded. And he believes artificial intelligence (AI) will be the great leveller, putting Europe on a par with its previously uncatchable competitors across the Atlantic.

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Mon, 23 Oct 2023 15:18:22 GMT

UK borrowing costs hit new 25-year high; Chinese stocks fall to pre-pandemic level – as it happened
Posted on Monday October 23, 2023

Rolling, live coverage of business, economics and financial markets as British bond yields rise amid expectations of stubbornly high interest rates

The UK risks seeing its manufacturing sector fall behind rival economies if the government does not offer certainty over policies on shifting to green energy, according to the head of FTSE 100 packaging maker DS Smith.

Miles Roberts, the company’s chief executive, said British government decarbonisation policy has lacked the clarity of European rivals, meaning DS Smith has moved ahead with a €90m (£78m) investment in a paper mill in Rouen, northern France, while waiting for more clarity from government before investing in upgrades in the UK.

The deal puts two of the top oil giants, Chevron and ExxonMobil, head-to-head in two of the world’s fastest growing oil basins - shale and Guyana.

Guyana has become a major oil producer in recent years after huge discoveries by Exxon Mobil, its partner Hess and China’s CNOOC, which together produce 400,000 barrels per day from two offshore vessels and have said they could develop up to 10 offshore projects.

The Stabroek block in Guyana is an extraordinary asset with industry leading cash margins and low carbon intensity that is expected to deliver production growth into the next decade.

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Mon, 23 Oct 2023 13:29:46 GMT

China launches tax investigations into Apple iPhone maker Foxconn
Posted on Monday October 23, 2023

Tax audits and land use inquiries follow company founder announcing run for Taiwan presidency

China’s tax authorities have launched multiple investigations into the company that makes the iPhone, months after its billionaire founder announced he would run in Taiwan’s presidential elections.

Foxconn faces tax audits of its operations in China, as well as investigations into land use in two Chinese provinces, according to reports by local media.

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Thu, 19 Oct 2023 11:08:57 GMT

Apple’s belligerently dull Messi doc shows football’s change from sport to content | Aaron Timms
Posted on Thursday October 19, 2023

The new series was billed as a ‘documentary event’. The reality is something more tedious that points to sport’s transformation into a media asset

Well, this wasn’t quite how things were supposed to go.

Lionel Messi arrived in America three months ago preceded by a freight train of expectations. His impact was immediate. A perfect free kick to win the game in the final seconds of his first match. A blitz of goals in the weeks that followed, including a strike in the Leagues Cup final that had all the skipping, curling, edge-of-the-box razzle-dazzle of the master in his Barcelona pomp. Inter Miami’s first-ever trophy. A charge up the league table as he led his club, languishing at the foot of the MLS Eastern Conference when he got to Miami, in the race to secure a playoff berth. For those few, spacey weeks in late summer, as celebrities gawped and seal clapped from the stands while Messi merrily shredded the best defenses in America, it really did feel like soccer in this country would forever be divided, as Sergio Aguëro suggested, into two eras: Before Messi and After Messi.

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Thu, 19 Oct 2023 06:00:44 GMT

Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 review: faster chips and brighter screens
Posted on Thursday October 19, 2023

Spec bumps keep Apple top of smartwatch pack, with faster Siri and new hands-free gesture

Apple’s smartwatches get their first speed increase in years along with brighter screens and new hands-free gestures – keeping the market leader still miles ahead of the pack.

The Apple Watch Series 9 comes in various sizes and materials and starts at £399 (€449/$399/A$649) – a £20 price cut in the UK. It launches alongside the Ultra 2 costing £799 (€899/$799/A$1,399), which is £50 cheaper than last year’s model.

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Mon, 16 Oct 2023 06:00:35 GMT

UK lost out on £2bn in tax in 2021 as big tech shifted profits abroad, claim campaigners
Posted on Monday October 16, 2023

TaxWatch analysis estimates British arms of seven major tech firms paid £750m in corporation tax instead of possible £2.8bn

The UK might have missed out on as much as £2bn in tax in 2021 from big tech companies shifting their profits elsewhere, according to an estimate by a group campaigning for greater tax transparency.

Seven of the biggest US-headquartered tech companies, including Apple, Microsoft and Google owner Alphabet, are estimated to have paid £750m in UK corporation tax and the digital sales tax, compared with £2.8bn in estimated tax due had profits not been routed elsewhere, according to TaxWatch, a campaign group.

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Thu, 12 Oct 2023 08:00:03 GMT

Is the cost of bringing Lionel Messi to MLS falling on fans?
Posted on Thursday October 12, 2023

The profile of Inter Miami – and the league itself – have been boosted by the Argentinian’s arrival. But it’s led to an increase in prices for some

It’s difficult to overstate the impact Lionel Messi has had on Inter Miami and MLS since he joined the club in July. But there are some concerning signs underneath the veneer of Messi Mania.

“Soccer in North America will never be the same,” Camilo Durana, the executive vice-president of Apple partnership, properties and events at MLS, told Forbes in June, days after the announcement that Messi was moving to the league.

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Wed, 11 Oct 2023 06:00:31 GMT

iPhone 15 Pro review: the best smaller phone gets better
Posted on Wednesday October 11, 2023

Lighter, brighter, with titanium sides, USB-C and new action button keep Apple top of the pile

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro might be overshadowed by its larger maxed-out sibling this year, but the cheaper of the “pro” iPhones still has one big advantage: a more pocketable size.

The 15 Pro has had a £100 price cut over last year’s model starting at £999 (€1,199/$999/A$1,849), widening the gulf between it and the £1,199 Pro Max. It still isn’t cheap, but is roughly in line with competing high-end phones in 2023.

Screen: 6.1in Super Retina XDR (OLED) (460ppi)

Processor: Apple A17 Pro


Storage: 128, 256, 512GB or 1TB

Operating system: iOS 17

Camera: 48MP main, 12MP UW and 12MP 3x zoom, 12MP front-facing camera

Connectivity: 5G, wifi 6E, NFC, Bluetooth 5.3, Thread, USB-C, Satellite, UWB and GNSS

Water resistance: IP68 (6 metres for 30 mins)

Dimensions: 146.6 x 70.6 x 8.25mm

Weight: 187g

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Tue, 10 Oct 2023 10:34:10 GMT

TechScape: Can big tech grab a chunk of the billions earned by mobile operators?
Posted on Tuesday October 10, 2023

The e-sim is gaining traction as smartphone connectivity shoots for the stars, but it’s not without risk – as I found when I fired up my new iPhone 15

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A shocking thing happened when I upgraded to an iPhone 15 Pro: my sim card figuratively dissolved into a tiny pile of ash, or rather, was transformed into a wholly digital e-sim. I blame myself, but I blame Apple even more: while transferring my data from my old iPhone, I was asked whether I would also like to move my phone number. I frowned – of course I would – and tapped yes. A minute later, my new iPhone had a mobile signal, my old phone did not, and my sim card was utterly redundant.

I can’t feign total ignorance. I’d heard tales of woe from friends forced to move to e-sims when they bought a US version of the iPhone 14, which lacked a sim slot. New iPhones sold outside the US still take sim cards however – and I’d been planning to keep my old one, if only for convenience.

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Mon, 09 Oct 2023 06:00:03 GMT

iPhone 15 Pro Max review: Apple’s superphone weighs less and zooms further
Posted on Monday October 09, 2023

Titanium sides, USB-C, 5x camera and new action button make for the biggest iPhone upgrade in years

Apple’s latest, most expensive superphone is a big step forward for the iPhone. But despite a powerful new camera and USB-C port, the best feature is simply its lighter weight.

That is because Apple’s 6.7in iPhones have always been beasts in price and weight. But while this new iPhone 15 Pro Max is still wallet-crushingly expensive, starting at £1,199 (€1,449/$1,199/A$2,199), it is at least 19g lighter, making a huge difference in your hand and pockets.

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