Food to Avoid in Asthma and Allergy

Most intolerance conditions are associated with a particular food or drink you consume and so finding a remedy is simply a matter of avoiding the products that make you feel unwell. However, with so many possibilities, only an intolerance test can reveal the truth.

Even painful blood tests cannot reveal the true identify of any particular food intolerance... so why bother?


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World News in Brief: South Sudan aid plan, rising cost of healthy eating, Europe’s diabetes burden
Posted on Wednesday November 29, 2023

Humanitarians have launched a $1.8 billion plan to support six million people in South Sudan next year, the United Nations has reported. 

World News in Brief: Burkina Faso attack, ending AIDS, Syrian child casualties, new UN migration ambassador
Posted on Tuesday November 28, 2023

The UN human rights office, OHCHR, said it was appalled by the recent killing of dozens of civilians in the Sahel region of northern Burkina Faso.

World News in Brief: Aid cut threat for Afghan deportees, saving Rohingya lives at sea, China respiratory illness spike, new rail transport treaty
Posted on Thursday November 23, 2023

Emergency support for thousands of Afghan families repatriated from Pakistan could dwindle due to a lack of funding as winter approaches, the World Food Programme (WFP) said on Thursday.

UN agency heads unite in urgent plea for women and children in Gaza
Posted on Wednesday November 22, 2023

The heads of three UN agencies on Wednesday highlighted the disproportionate suffering faced by women and girls amidst the ongoing crisis in Gaza, urging a collective response to protect the most vulnerable and a commitment to lasting peace for the women and girls caught in the crossfire.

World News in Brief: DPR Korea missile launch condemned, malaria vaccines for Cameroon, solidarity with Haiti
Posted on Wednesday November 22, 2023

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has strongly condemned the latest launch of a military satellite using ballistic missile technology by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

UN agencies urge action to safeguard maternal, child health amidst climate crisis
Posted on Tuesday November 21, 2023

UN agencies on Tuesday issued an urgent call for action, emphasizing the severe health risks faced by pregnant women, babies and children due to worsening climate catastrophes.

War and health crisis in Gaza a ‘recipe for epidemics’ warns WHO
Posted on Monday November 20, 2023

The thousands of injuries sustained by civilians across Gaza combined with a burgeoning public health crisis is a ‘recipe for epidemics’, the World Health Organization’s emergency response director said on Monday.

Child deaths from wasting are predictable and preventable: WHO chief
Posted on Monday November 20, 2023

Worldwide, 45 million children under five are wasted, meaning they are dangerously thin for their height, and roughly one million die each year from the condition, the Director-General of the World Health Organization told the Global Food Security Summit held on Monday in London. 

World Toilet Day, flush with innovations for safer sanitation
Posted on Saturday November 18, 2023

Innovation abounds in the race to broaden access to clean water and sanitation around the world on World Toilet Day, marked on 19 November.

World News in Brief: Diabetes on the rise, UN prisoners in Yemen, Ukraine war fuels rise in landmine casualties
Posted on Tuesday November 14, 2023

One hundred years after the discovery of insulin, millions of people with diabetes around the world still cannot access the care they need, risking severe complications, WHO warned on Tuesday’s World Diabetes Day.

Humanitarians step up response to deadly cholera outbreak in Sudan
Posted on Tuesday November 14, 2023

Cholera vaccines are expected to arrive in Sudan this month as the country continues to face a deadly outbreak of the disease amidst the ongoing war, the UN humanitarian affairs office, OCHA, said on Tuesday. 

UPDATED: Attacks on or near Gaza hospitals ‘unconscionable, reprehensible and must stop’: Relief chief
Posted on Saturday November 11, 2023

Senior UN officials said on Saturday there could be no justification for any “acts of war” in or around any healthcare facilities, amidst reports that Gaza’s largest hospital has come under attack by Israeli forces as they battle Palestinian militants.

Updated guidelines on COVID-19 revise risk of hospitalisation
Posted on Friday November 10, 2023

The World Health Organization (WHO) has updated its guidelines on COVID-19 treatment, with revised recommendations for non-severe cases of the disease. 

One in three nonmelanoma skin cancer deaths linked to working outdoors
Posted on Wednesday November 08, 2023

Nearly one in every three deaths from nonmelanoma skin cancer is caused by working under the sun, according to a joint report released on Wednesday by the UN World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labour Organization (ILO).

More action needed to write ‘final chapter’ of TB
Posted on Tuesday November 07, 2023

Tuberculosis (TB) response is bouncing back from disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, but more effort is needed to end the disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday. 

Opium cultivation declines by 95 per cent in Afghanistan: UN survey
Posted on Sunday November 05, 2023

Opium poppy production in Afghanistan has plummeted since the de facto authorities imposed a drug ban last year, new UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) data reveals.

World News in Brief: Protection call for refugees in Pakistan, ‘One Health’ plan launched, radio waves saving lives
Posted on Friday November 03, 2023

UN agencies on Friday called on Pakistan to continue protecting children and families seeking safety amidst rising concerns over the Government’s new ‘Illegal Foreigners Repatriation Plan’.

World News in Brief: Russia pulls out of nuclear test ban treaty, climate ‘health crisis’, pushback against bullying
Posted on Thursday November 02, 2023

Russia on Thursday announced it was revoking its ratification of the UN-backed Comprehensive Nuclear Test Bank Treaty (CTBT), after the Russian Duma passed legislation last month.  

Bangladesh, Maldives, DPR Korea make ‘tremendous’ strides toward disease elimination
Posted on Tuesday October 31, 2023

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday hailed the elimination of several life-threatening diseases in developing nations as a major breakthrough for public health.

First Person: Israel’s health system responds to October attacks
Posted on Wednesday October 25, 2023

Healthcare providers in Israel are working around the clock following the 7 October Hamas attacks that killed 1,400 people and injured more than 4,600, according to Michel Thieren, the World Health Organization (WHO) Special Representative in Israel.

Human right to food needs ‘massive investment’: Guterres
Posted on Monday October 23, 2023

With 735 million people going hungry last year and three billion unable to afford a healthy diet, the world is “going backwards on our goal of zero hunger by 2030”, the UN chief told the Committee on World Food Security on Monday.

Afghanistan earthquakes: ‘Staggering’ health consequences
Posted on Friday October 20, 2023

Families in western Afghanistan, who have lost everything to a series of devastating earthquakes, need urgent assistance to withstand the harsh winter, the UN relief wing reported on Friday.

World News in Brief: Sandstorm alert, albinism and climate change, rights in Peru
Posted on Thursday October 19, 2023

Sand and dust storms are increasingly threatening people’s health, safety and livelihoods – and climate change is making matters worse.

World News in Brief: Funds dry up for Afghan quake survivors, child deaths alert in Sudan, diphtheria outbreak in Guinea
Posted on Wednesday October 18, 2023

In Afghanistan, urgent funding is needed to feed some 100,000 people left hungry and homeless by a series of deadly earthquakes, amid a broader and already underfunded humanitarian crisis.

UN chief ‘horrified’ by strike on Gaza hospital, as warring sides blame each other
Posted on Tuesday October 17, 2023

The UN Secretary-General said he was horrified by the killing of hundreds of civilians following a strike on a hospital in Gaza on Tuesday. In a tweet, António Guterres strongly condemned the strike, adding that his heart is with the families of those who died.

Middle East on ‘verge of the abyss’ UN warns, as Israel-Hamas conflict deepens Gaza crisis
Posted on Sunday October 15, 2023

The UN Secretary-General on Sunday appealed to Hamas to immediately release all hostages and to Israel to grant “unimpeded access for humanitarian aid” into the Gaza Strip.

World News in Brief: Health access in Israel-Palestine, Myanmar bombing, child refugee mental health
Posted on Tuesday October 10, 2023

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for access to health and humanitarian assistance amid the conflict in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.

Convention’s 10-year birthday marks commitment to prevent new mercury scare
Posted on Tuesday October 10, 2023

Banning new mercury mines is among milestones achieved under the Minamata Convention, which is now 10 years old. 

INTERVIEW: Reducing teen pregnancy in Thailand
Posted on Tuesday October 10, 2023

Teen pregnancy rates have been falling dramatically in Thailand thanks to progressive legislation, but more can be done to drive it lower if the rights of girls and young women are respected, according to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA).

Mental health care ‘barriers’ must end, urges Guterres
Posted on Monday October 09, 2023

Three in four people suffering from a mental health condition receive inadequate treatment – or none at all – UN Secretary-General António Guterres said on Monday, as he urged countries to “break down the barriers that prevent people from seeking support”. 




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